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Travel as a Political Act

Travel with a Purpose
In Travel as a Political Act, acclaimed travel writer Rick Steves explains how to travel more thoughtfully — to any destination. He shares a series of field reports from Europe, Central America, Asia, and the Middle East to show how his travels have shaped his politics and broadened his perspective... More

About Rick Steves The host of public television’s ‘Rick Steves’ Europe’ is also America’s best-selling European guidebook author — and a passionate social activist.   

About Rick’s Drug Policy Views America can learn a great deal from Europe’s “harm reduction” approach to drug policy, and the costly failure of our own “war on drugs.”

Press Room Listen to interviews and read articles about Rick’s activism. Find media resources: press releases, download high resolution publicity photos, story angles.

Rick Steves

ExcerptsTravel as a Political Act I fondly remember the confusion I felt when I first met someone who wouldn't trade passports with me. I thought... More

Denmark: Highly Taxed and Highly Content Danish society seems to be a finely tuned social internal-combustion engine in a glass box: Highly taxed, highly connected, and highly regulated, with all the gears properly engaged... More

Turkey and Morocco: Sampling Secular Islam Güzelyurt, an obscure-to-the-world but proud-of-itself village in central Turkey, teaches me the richness and nobility of rustic village life in the developing world... More

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